5 Reasons to buy from PEAK



1. Global Technology – ‘sourcing the right product for the right equipment’

2. Extensive Technical Service and Support – ‘global technical expertise at your service’

3. Flexible Customer Service – ‘service that responds to your local needs’

4. Real People – ‘a friendly local person at the end of the line’

5. Value for Money – ‘premium quality at competitive prices’




1. Global Technology
Sourcing the right product for the right equipment.

 PEAK has the distinct advantage of being independent so we are not constrained by any one technology theory or supply source. We source the right technology globally for the right application and receive supply from our extensive European, USA and Asian technology partners and locally in Australia. This flexibility ensures we can technically cover and supply all of your requirements, which is particularly important when they’re updating with the latest equipment or expanding their operations.

Our flexibility and speed to market allows us to bring you peace of mind benefits through improved quality, extended service intervals, range extensions, product rationalisation with cost and operational savings.


2. Extensive Technical Service and Support 
Global technical expertise at your service. 

At PEAK we keep up-to-date with the ever increasing requirements of equipment manufacture and advances in lubrication technology, to both source our products and tailor them for local applications. Our PEAK Equipment Lubrication Audit focusses on ensuring you maximise the benefits of multi-function and/or specialist Lubricants, plus operational improvement opportunities.

Expert local Technical Support is simply a phone call away to help you both reduce risk and extend the life of your equipment giving you peace of mind and potential cost savings.


3. Flexible Customer Service 
Service that responds to your local needs.

At PEAK we understand the value of good old fashioned customer service and constantly look to improve the variety and quality of services available to our customers. This comes from being 100% Australian owned and operated and from listening/understanding our customers needs to providing quick, flexible, tailored solutions. This is one of our key points of difference to the multi-national oil companies.

Whether it is sourcing a new product, organising emergency pick-up, next day deliveries, flexible administrative options, or providing expert local technical support, our unsurpassed customer service is simply a local phone call away.


4. Real People 
A friendly local person at the end of the line.

Whilst our customers recognise PEAK global technology and flexible service, customers simply tell us they enjoy dealing with us – nothing beats a friendly local voice at the end of the line. Right from its early beginnings, PEAK has continued to treat customers as people. If we can’t answer your request straight away, we will tell you and get back to you – and we do!

That is why we have many loyal customers who have grown with us. We know how we like to be treated and valued by our suppliers and we simply do the same for our customers.


5. Value for Money 
Premium quality at competitive prices.

As a local business ourselves, we understand the pressures on our customers to provide quality, service, lower costs and value. We provide international quality standards without the international price premium or royalty. We create value by analysing and integrating our product range in line with our customers operations and marketing offers. We provide savings through product rationalisation, stock configuration, just-in-time supply and programs to assist storage, and application to minimise the risk of incorrect product use in expensive critical equipment.