Extreme pressure semi-synthetic lubricant for mechanical gearboxes.

Fuel Economy oil recommended for all mechanical transmissions in trucks and light
vans working in the most severe conditions.

TRANSELF LD 75W-80 is highly suitable for EATON gearboxes for which the oil drain
interval can reach 300 000 km.

Transmission fluid adapted to vehicles RENAULT equipped with gearboxes of families J, TL4, NDX, and more particularly for vehicles TWINGO, MODUS RENAULT, Clio, Mégane (except(off) Mégane / Scenic II Pk4), and Laguna (except(off) motorization 2, 2DT, dci and V6), for Spaces (2,0 and 1,9 dti) and for Kangoo.

Adapted to the requirements of the mechanical gearboxes of light passenger and utilitarian cars, provided with brass synchro in simple configuration or multi-cones.

Synthetic Technology Transmission fluid for Renault vehicles equipped with P, J , NDX, TL4 family gearboxes. Especially recommended for easy gear changing in cold weather: also retains its outstanding qualities when hot, ensuring the smoothest possible operation and longer life for gearbox components.

Very high performance synthetic oil for axles and reduction gears and high loaded gears requiring API GL-5.

Recommended when filters are added to the lubrication system and for axles requiring API GL-5 level.

Fully synthetic lubricant for heavily loaded gearboxes and axles.

For lubricating a wide range of mechanical gearboxes and differentials in light vans, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery in the most heavy duty conditions.

TRANSELF UNIVERSAL FE 80W-90 is specially adapted for lubricating rear axles where operating temperatures are high and for which the user also seeks to extend the oil drain intervals.

Extreme-pressure lubricant for hypoid gearboxes and axles.

These lubricants are parts of a modern range of products that are particularly suited to the most rigorous service conditions found in automotive mechanical transmission (light and heavy duty vehicles), agricultural machinery, civil engineering and handling equipment.

• Mechanical gearboxes
• Hypoid gear axles