Food Grade


Full range of food grade lubricants, food grade oil
for all applications in the food manufacturing industry



PEAK LUBRICANTS has a comprehensive range of NSF, Kosher & Halal accredited lubricants developed for use in the food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

They meet stringent safety and hygiene requirements and provide outstanding performance for the ultimate protection of your equipment.

The PEAK LUBRICANTS range include hydraulic oils, gear oils, compressor oils, vacuum pump oils, chain oils, as also aerosols such as penetrating spray, silicone spray, chain spray, grease spray & white oil spray



PEAK LUBRICANTS can provide a full range of food grade lubricants, food grade oil for all applications in the food manufacturing industry.

  • COMPRESSOR OILS – Semi & Full Synthetic
  • GEAR OILS – Semi & Full Synthetic
  • HYDRAULIC OILS – Semi & Full Synthetic
  • CHAIN OILS – Also available in Aerosol
  • PENETRATING OILS – Also available in Aerosol
  • WHITE OIL ISO 15, 32, 40, 68
  • GREASE – Aluminium Complex & Calcium Sulphonate
    based soaps
  • WHITE OILS – Also available in Aerosol
  • SPECIALTIES – Silicone Spray, Grease Spray



The NSF has three levels of food grade lubricant registration: H1, H2 and H3. The H1 classification is for
lubricants which might come into incidental contact with food (such as on a conveyor belt); H2 for lubricants used in areas where there is no possibility that lubricants will touch food; and H3 for edible oils used on grills and in rust prevention on hooks or trolleys.

These categories are based on the now defunct US Department of Agriculture (USDA) registration system which regulated food grade lubricants according to their ingredients, instructions and labelling.



The success of PEAK LUBRICANTS is due to our ongoing commitment to providing a range of quality products
at competitive prices, with a flexible customer needs approach that sets us apart from other suppliers.

We tailor products to your business, and would love the opportunity to discuss your lubricant expectations.

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