PEAK Technical Advice and Training

PEAK prides itself on its customer support and is passionate about our performance. PEAK has highly trained employees with vast experience in oil and petrochemical areas, which is why we are able to offer an exceptionally high level of technical support and engineering advice.

Our qualified staff is on hand to provide support and advice on any query relating to our client’s needs.

  • PEAK Technical Lubeline: 1300 722 256
  • PEAK Comparison Chart
  • API, ACEA & ILSA Classification Charts
  • Lubrication Equipment Audit

Prior to any recommendations relating to client’s needs, we analyse your particular requirements following a thorough inspection of the plant, equipment, and any machinery involved. Only then can PEAK recommend the right oils, lubricants, and chemicals for our customers.

Our PEAK Lubrication Audit can be an initial once-off and /or set as a regular schedule with status reports to ensure the correct product is used in the right situation. PEAK can also keep costs down for your business by providing a total ongoing service of equipment and machinery monitoring, inspection reports, and laboratory analysis of products.

PEAK Training

PEAK has always provided training seminars for our customers and their staff, designed to enhance your information base on PEAK’s or their own Private Label oils, fluids, and greases. Training seminars can be conducted at PEAK’s premises in Dandenong or on-site at your premises.